Who are we?

A long, long time ago... that's how the story of every company begins, but in our case, a long time ago is the year 2018 and the beginning of the implementation of projects as software-house.eu for our clients. The big ones and the small ones.

Unfortunately, a lot of potential projects we couldn't complete due to the big limitations given by the standard programming development process. And that is why NoCode appeared in our team - a technology thanks to which we can create an application within two weeks and thanks to which Customers are not surprised by high costs of works and the required functionality is in line with expectations.
Meet ...

The PowerNoCode team

Maciej Kukułka

UX/UI Designer
A graphic designer by training, with many years' experience in the IT industry in designing application desing for clients using Adobe and Figma.

Jacek Jacolik

Co-Founder | Project Manager
Certified PM (Agile - APMG International), using Agile methodology to manage the most complex web and mobile application development projects.


Bubble Developer
A programming enthusiast who is highly competent in creating applications based on bubble.io. In coding, he uses solutions based on JavaScript technology.


Bubble Developer
IT knowledge and experience related to creating, modifying and testing web and mobile applications on bubble.io and WordPress platforms.


Bubble Developer
An adept in the art of programming, using the skills he acquired while studying computer science at the University of Szczecin to work on bubble.io projects.


Bubble Tester
Software tester, performing functional and manual tests for clients as well as checking the correctness of applications and websites.