What applications can we make for you at No-Code?

In this article you will learn what No-Code applications we can do for you.

Using No-Code tools, you can create many types of applications.

From simple portfolios to complex solutions with calendaring/booking systems, appointment registration, synchronization with payment services. No-Code is now fully responsive websites and applications in line with current market requirements. 

No industry is an obstacle to techniques that minimize code usage.

Below we will discuss some applications for No-Code with examples and a brief explanation of how this software development technology has been behind the success of specific projects.

The most common project types for building without coding are:

- advanced e-commerce

No-Code Cycle- A marketplace for buying and selling No-Code applications. The portal's creator, Adam Lack, has experience in creating projects for the entertainment industry, and discovered Bubble while looking for tools to build applications without programming knowledge. The portal is equipped with a number of search filters that allow you to specify the price or the platform used.

- Payment coordination portals

Equali - a project created for those responsible for financial issues to facilitate the billing reconciliation process. The goal of the application was to reduce the time spent with accounting documents and to streamline the collection and parsing of payment data. Martin Burn (CEO of Equali)-an economist by training-used Bubble on the recommendation of his friend. The reaction was positive-there was interest from investors. The creator of the project appreciated the speed of creation in Bubble and the ease of use. 

More about the project:

-Applications to automate activities

OpsBunny - is an application for creating automated workflows and information transferred within departments responsible for video game development. Many repetitive testing or design processes have been organized thanks to OpsBunny.

- online communication applications

Equi for ALL - a mobile application that connects trainers and riders. Designed and developed based on, it enables online training (streaming video) with support for availability and calendars, as well as an advanced payment system, and reporting.

The application was developed in a month:

- Services for evaluating services, places, etc. 

Job Hunch - a service that allows people to anonymously rate past and present employers and display a list of vacancies. The project was created when the creator observed that Nigerian companies typically do not have job or environmental reviews on sites such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor. Using Bubble reduced the cost of implementation.

Functional app created in 2 months:

- Services based on live-streaming

SimpleLive-an easy way to attach a live-streaming window to an application or website. David Richards, SimpleLive's CTO wanted to simplify live-streaming integration. There is no need to connect an API, set up codecs or SDKs. All you have to do is register an account and copy-paste the plug-in content. That's it! The project was created in Bubble, as this allowed for stability of operation while giving the opportunity to include custom features. As of today, the benefits of SimpleLive are used by: a South African music concert-themed service or a British streaming platorm connecting celebrities with their fans.

As can be seen from the above examples, No-Code offers a large array of tools allowing the creation of complex services or applications - from marketplace to streaming services. The possibilities are very wide, which makes more and more companies realize their application concepts in this technology. Reduction of costs and implementation time are strong points of development without coding.

See more projects:

Thinking about an application in No-Code? Let's talk!

To ensure a high level of application, we will guide you through 4 simple steps:

1. Analysis-we will determine your business and functional needs together-we will create a specification to support the goals of the Project.

2 Design- in this stage we will take care of the graphical side, taking into account usability and user convenience (according to high UX/UI standards).

3. execution- after the design project, it is time for the application creation process ! 

Parameterization, configuration and implementation of functionality will take little time thanks to No-Code tools.

4. tests-We will perform tests of your application and make the necessary changes to make the product fully meet your expectations.

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