We will build you an application 10x faster and 10x cheaper

Compared to traditional programming.

We build applications without using code

Our NoCode/LowCode approach is 10x cheaper and faster than traditional programming

What do we do?

MVPs and ready applications

with No Code/Low Code tools utilization
Do you have a good idea for a startup? Do you want to reach success quickly? Do you need a Web or mobile app? We will design and execute your Web app using No Code and Low Code platforms.

Do you wonder if your product idea is good? Let’s check it together- you will figure it out quicker than you think thanks to No Code/Low Code!

Build a functional MVP with us and test your business assumptions!

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What can we do for you?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

We will quickly prepare a satisfactory MVP of your application using NoCode and LowCode. This will help you test the interest of potential investors and customers, while ensuring that your planned budget will not be exceeded.

Mobile systems

We will design and develop any mobile applications for your business - we will implement systems for smartphones and tablets, based on Android and iOS platforms.

Web / web applications

We will prepare web applications, any websites, dedicated services, and stores according to your all requirements and NoCode / LowCode technology ensures their proper efficiency, speed and meeting the most difficult business objectives.

Multi-platform solutions

Taking into account, your individual needs, we will simultaneously make a web / web application and its mobile version. The use of NoCode / LowCode allows you to prepare for both versions of the system similar functional solutions and gives you the opportunity to expand the scope of action in the chosen platform.
Start building your product

Who are we?

A long, long time ago... that's how the story of every company begins, but in our case, a long time ago is the year 2018 and the beginning of the implementation of projects as software-house.eu for our clients. The big ones and the small ones.

Unfortunately, a lot of potential projects we couldn't complete due to the big limitations given by the standard programming development process. And that is why NoCode appeared in our team - a technology thanks to which we can create an application within two weeks and thanks to which Customers are not surprised by high costs of works and the required functionality is in line with expectations.

Case Studies and Opinions

Case Studies and Opinions


"At Prodent Digital, PowerNoCode, using the Bubble.io platform, perfectly executed the Enterprise's responsive website along with a web application to implement the order handling process.

I highly recommend the PowerNoCode Team, which will quickly and within budget complete any project that requires accuracy and IT expertise. "

ProDent PowerNoCode
Witold Biedziak
Prodent Digital sp. z o. o.

"PowerNoCode for Tips 2 - Cosmetic Studio delivered a web application which, despite our high requirements and short lead time, was executed as agreed.

I recommend PowerNoCode to cooperate with any company that is looking for an application contractor and for which punctuality, knowledge and competence are important. The Bubble.io platform that was used in the project works better than our expectations."

Tips-2 PowerNoCode
Magdalena Sobucka
Tips 2 - Cosmetic Studio
We were looking for a partner who would professionally develop a platform for a timber transportation exchange for us in a short time.
After unsuccessful attempts with other developers, we went to PowerNoCode and it was a hit.

The team not only carried out the order, but also suggested solutions that we didn't know about ourselves. Time was an important parameter for us, and I am very satisfied with the timeliness too
TruckTimber PowerNoCode
Michal Malochwiej
We wanted to build an MVP within the allotted time and budget,
so one idea was a no code approach.

PowerNoCode created the application exactly according to our design, implementing the mechanics according to our idea.
The big plus is that after implementing the MVP, we can continue to operate and develop the whole application in a simple way, using off-the-shelf solutions.
Kamil Pawlik
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Bubble.io platform

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You will probably ask...

Why NoCode/LowCode?

NoCode does not require coding and knowledge of programming languages. This technology allows you to develop your application quickly, while guaranteeing a much lower cost of implementation. Thanks to this you will bear less investment risk of testing your idea and you will be able to start developing your business sooner.

We will realise your project using the possibilities of the Bubble platform.
It is the best technology enabling fast, secure and scalable creation of web and mobile applications.
Your data is safe: Bubble.io uses Amazon Web Services, which ensures service availability, data security and high speed.


No cost analysis

We focus only on your requirements and processes

Fastest application execution time

We will make an application for you in a few weeks

Simplicity of creation

We create applications from ready-made components


Encrypted environment, the power of the cloud

Creating customised solutions

There are no limits. We build small and large solutions

Easy and quick modifications of the application

No coding means saving time when making changes

You will probably ask...

What does the application development process look like?

First stage


As part of this stage, together we will determine your business needs, functional needs - that is, we will transform the idea/ concept into a description and specification that will support your business goals and objectives. At this stage we will also determine the time in which you will receive your application and the cost of its implementation.
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Second stage


After accepting Stage 1, we will prepare a graphic design for you - together we will plan the look of individual elements of your application/website, taking into account the best usability and convenience for users.
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Third stage


You already know what your application will look like so it's time to make it, configure it and parameterise it. Thanks to NoCode/ LowCode this stage will be really short!
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Fourth stage

Tests and modifications

We will test your app and make any new changes we need to improve or change to make the app fully fit your vision.
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Fifth stage


After launching the application / website, we are at your disposal all the time. We will help you develop your application and create new functionalities.
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